The Types Of Spine Surgery

iStock_000018596879_Medium-1Neurosurgeons have extensive training to carry out surgeries in the spine. Procedures include oncologic spine surgery, discectomy, fusion, interspinous spacers, lumbar spine surgery, spinal fracture surgery and back surgery. Lumbar decompression provides relief from pain in the lower back. People who experience pain in the lower back may require lumbar decompression to treat the pain that is caused by nerve root pinching.
A small portion of the bone is taken out when a decompression surgery is carried out and this brings relief from the pinching of the nerves.

Lumbar degenerative disc disease causes pain in patients and the only way to relieve the pain is to undergo a lumbar fusion. In order to halt motion on a paining vertebral segment, a spinal fusion surgery uses a bone graft for the procedure.  this compan

To restrict motion in a part of the spine, a spine fusion is carried out which links together two or more vertebrate. Greater stability can be achieved by carrying out fusion in the front and the back of the spine. Patients can undergo minimally invasive spine fusion surgery which has reduced pain, less loss of blood, small incisions, and fast recovery.

A discectomy helps to relieve pressure on the nerves by taking out a herniated disc or part of a herniated disc. The surgery can be done using a small incision and with a help of special retractors and operating microscope and instruments and the patient will have less trauma to the normal anatomy of the spine. Patients experience quick recovery when they do the surgery because the body does not take long to heal and they can resume their daily activities.

Neurosurgery helps to treat problems with the central nervous system, spinal column disease and peripheral nervous system. Spinal disorders and spinal stenosis can be treated with interspinous spacer devices. Patients can get implants that allow for shorter surgical operations. Read more about Comprehensive Spine Institute

To lower the pressure on the spinal nerve a laminectomy can be carried out which is the removal of arthritic bone spurs. Not all patients have to undergo fusion operation because they have the option of undergoing a non fusion operation. A procedure that uses flexible materials is known as a posterior dynamic stabilization and it gives a spine natural motion.

Oncologic spine surgery is used to treat metastatic disease. Spinal surgeries and spinal injuries should be treated by experienced neurosurgeons. vertebral augmentation is a surgery that is carried out to treat fractures that are a result of tumors and osteoporosis. Multilevel spinal fusion surgery can be caused by symptomatic degenerative disc disease. Check out –

Spine injuries and problems need to be fixed early by a neurosurgeon after they have carried out extensive tests. Learn more here:


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